Newton’s Universe is a family operated business division of  MPDirect, Inc., a corporation based in Clearwater, Florida. Our diverse experience in retail sales, direct marketing, e-Commerce, advertising and customer service creates unique marketing opportunities for our clients and customers. Created over 15 years ago, our Newton’s Universe goal remains one of providing unique high quality products backed by amazing customer support!

Our Belief

At Newton’s Universe, we focus on helping people live better, healthier lives. Our special line of exceptional product selections may actually make a difference in your quality of life.

Our Philosophy

Newton’s Universe is committed to its long-standing tradition of an ethical business philosophy. Integrity, honesty, respect, and hard work dictate how we interact with our employees, customers, vendors, and clients. At the cornerstone of all Newton’s Universe initiatives is our belief in offering our customers high-quality products. Moving forward at Newton’s Universe, we’ll continue to leverage this philosophy to explore new areas of growth. Our passion for success creates unique opportunities for our employees to grow professionally as our business continues to develop, diversify, and expand.

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