When Anxiety Attacks DVD

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When Anxiety Attacks DVD

$ 9.95

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When Anxiety Attacks: What to Do and How to Make it Disappear! What are the symptoms of an anxiety attack?

Some of the typical symptoms are: Pounding heart or fast heart rate. Sweating. Trembling or shaking. Feeling of choking. Chest pain or discomfort. Nausea or stomach pain. Trouble breathing. Dizziness or light-headed. Fear of losing control or going crazy. Fear of dying. Numbness or tingling feelings. Chills and/or hot flashes. Total confusion and bewilderment ANY OF THIS SOUND LIKE YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW? If so, you need this course.

This program has helped thousands and it will help you! During this course you will learn about depression as well as the following Anxiety disorders: panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Anxiety Attacks. You might be surprised to learn that Anxiety, OCD and Depression often go hand in hand. These are all real medical conditions that affect your body, the way you think and how you feel and act. They affect people of all ages, genders, backgrounds, lifestyles, races, and ethnic groups. Because we now know that with the right treatment and support you can get back to enjoying your life. You’ll be more productive and have clear thoughts once again. Most importantly, this course will teach you real life skills that you can use right now to begin living a better life. No fluff, just the facts learn and experienced first hand by a real life sufferer who’s lived it, been through therapy and survived! Steven Diamond answers every question you might have and teaches only what you really need to know. Saving you time and money in the process.

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