Viatek Stain Doctor Ultrasonic Steam Cleaner

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Product Description

Removes stains with a combination of ultrasound, steam and water!

Stain Doctor removes unslightly stains from the surfaces and crevises of your household items including jewelry, clothing, walls, carpet and much more. Targets stain such as beverages, blood, lipstick, grass, sauces, shoe polish and more.

The Stain Doctor generates 70,000 cleaning bubbles per second creating steam which will vibrate and clean the area. Includes: jewelry/glasses case, water spray attachment and cleaning brush.


  • 70,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second help remove stains on clothing! Only unit in market with over 50,000 vibrations. Assures better cleaning.
  • Glass and jewelry cleaning case included. Just slide device into case and push start.
  • Three minute timer will start automaticly.
  • Rechargeable for continuous cordless operation!A/C adapter included.
  • Portable and lightweight.

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