The Grilliput

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The Grilliput is one tough portable stainless steel camp grill. Backpackers love the grilliput (sometimes misspelled as grillput). The grill is durable, smart and just works. This is not some cheap knockoff, This is the original – well engineered, resilient, strong and tough. Stainless steel components come apart for travel. All components fit inside a single tube, about the diameter of a broomstick, and the length of a baton you used in track relay races. When closed the grilliput takes up less volume than conventional folding camp and backpacking grills. The Grilliput boasts All Stainless Steel construction. Great for backpacking, fishing trips, picnics, home, or tailgate parties – anywhere you want to grill up a tasty meal.

  • 10″ x 9.125″ cooking area is large enough for a package of hotdogs, several shish kebobs or two medium-size steaks
  • Constructed of stainless steel for stability and durability
  • Sets up in fewer than five minutes and disassembles quickly; stores 0.875″ x 11.25″
  • After grilling, slide the cross pieces through the slot at the end of the side tube to remove cooked-on debris

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