Talk It Type It 2 Ultra

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Talk It Type It 2 Ultra

Precise Voice Recognition Technology for your PC!
Do all your typing in as little as one third the time it normally takes – in ANY Windows application – just by talking to your computer! You barely have to lift a finger to create letters, reports, email – anything you normally type. Up to 150 Words a Minute! An incredible time saver.

Whether your typing skills are excellent, poor, or somewhere in between, you’ll get your work done faster with TalkItTypeIt.

Dictate letters, homework, reports, etc. to your computer. It’s just like having a personal secretary
Bring a whole new meaning to the term chat room With TalkItTypeIt, online chats and Instant Messages are easier than ever
Works with your favorite programs including Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft Outlook Express, and AOL Chat
Comes complete with a built in 60,000 word vocabulary and the ability to add new words (names, technical terms) with ease
Avoid or compensate for Repetitive Motion Injuries.
Compare and SaveTalkItTypeIt has many of the features found on expensive products, and much more, without the high cost
Dictate directly into ANY Windows application,including word processing, spreadsheet, page layout, and more
System Requirements:

Intel Pentium III/500Mhz processor (or equivalent AMD processor)
128 mb RAM
400MB free hard disk space
Microsoft Windows XP/Millennium/2000/98/NT 4.0 (with service pack 6)
Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or equivalent sound card
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
CD-ROM drive required for installation
Headset Microphone

TalkItMouseIt Navigation Support

Highly effective and convenient to use, you just have to say the name of any kind of object you see on screen and pop-up hints guide you in positioning the pointer over anything clickable on the screen.

Macro Manager

Avoid repetitive work and save valuable time with TalkItTypeIt Professional’s Macro Manager tool! Create macro commands (macros) to automate frequently used keystroke actions, customized text, series of mouse actions and combination of the above. Use macros to run applications, open documents and perform actions within an application. Macros may be global or associated with a specific application. Use TalkItTypeIt Professional’s Macro Manager tool to create, view, delete and edit your macros.


Let TalkItTypeIt Professional’s Transcriber utility be your personal dictation service! Transcriber allows you to transform your recorded speech into text. Transcriber will work with any digital recorder that allows creating and saving high-quality speech files in the .wav format. With the transcribing in progress, the text will start appearing in the edit area of TalkItTypeIt Professional’s Transcriber window. You may pause, resume or stop transcribing at any time by using the toolbar’s Pause and Stop buttons.

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