Stretch Lid 2 Pack 1

Stretch Lid 2 Pack

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Stretch Lid 2 Pack

Tired of constantly searching for the lid that fits? Stretch Lid reusable lids stretch to fit containers of multiple shapes and sizes. Use them on almost any container, anywhere in your house. Never throw out leftovers again! Stretch Lids seal , locking in freshness, and extending the life of your food.

Reusable lids stretch to fit multiple size and shape containers eliminating loose fitting plastic wraps that let air in and freshness out!

2 pack includes:

1- small 5 inch lid that stretches up to 7 inches

1- large 7 inch lid that stretches up to 9 inches

  • Made of highly flexible silicone material
  • Adapts and form fits to oval, square, round and rectangular shapes
  • Vacuum seal traps in freshness
  • Hot and cold resistant
  • Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe

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