Stink Free® Instantly™! Urine Odor Remover

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End Urine Odor!!

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End Urine Odor!!
Do you have a puppy or kitten? Maybe you have a pet that’s getting on in years? Unfortunately not all pets have the greatest bladder control, and occasionally they’re going to have an accident, right? Stink Free® Instantly™! Urine Odor Remover is the answer to your dilemma because Stink Free® Instantly™! Urine Odor Remover aggressively stops odor in it’s tracks.
Using the same proven Oxidation process that the government and industry use, Stink Free® Instantly™! Urine Odor Remover chemically converts the stinky compounds into odorless, inert compounds. The smelly stains are gone FOREVER! Why be embarrassed? Stink Free® Instantly™! Urine Odor Remover is Guaranteed or your Money Back!

Stink Free® Instantly™! Urine Odor Remover stops odor with a vengeance! Its aggressive, multi-functional (non-enzyme) formula works instantly on contact. It eliminates both the odor and its source through the process of Oxidation which breaks down and changes chemical compounds into odorless and inert substances.

This oxidation process is the same proven, odor-control process used by both government and industry such as, water treatment, waste water treatment, food processing and many other applications where biological contamination and odor are a serious problem.

• Powerful
• Fast Acting
• Non-toxic
• Works for All Urine Odors
• Non-Flammable
• Biodegradable
• 8oz. bottle

1) IMPORTANT! Check material for color fastness before applying (Do not use if material is not color-fast).
2) COMPLETELY saturate the ENTIRE contaminated area and let dry.**
3) YOU’RE DONE and so is the odor!

**IMPORTANT! For thick materials, such as carpets, saturate an area wider than the surface stain. Urine is absorbed both horizontally and vertically, in a pyramid-like pattern which makes the contaminated area below the surface larger than the surface stain.

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