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What do bird watching, hunting, baseball games, football games, other sporting events, and maybe even entertainment concerts all have in common? These are all situations in which you probably wished you could somehow magnify your vision so you could really see the action from way back in the stands. Those of us without bionic eyes, however, have to settle for the plain old technology called binoculars. But who wants to lug around a pair of binoculars all day long? What if you could simply mount a pair of binoculars to your head for quick and easy access to magnified vision?

SportBinox Overview
Basically, SportBinox are a pair of regular binoculars mounted to a set of headgear. The headgear consists of two pieces: an adjustable headband that you put over your head and the binocular mount that can be moved up or down so that you can easily switch between magnified and regular sight. The headgear is made of a hard, durable plastic.


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