Solar Moler

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Solar Moler

$ 26.50 $ 13.99

  • Environmentally friendly and safe

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Solar Moler

  • Drives away moles, voles and gophers
  • Functions day and night
  • Powered by an integral solar panel
  • Emits sonic tone every 30 seconds that the varmints can’t stand!
  • Humane and non lethal pest control
  • Anodized aluminum spike with sonic transmitter
  • Charges even in low light and overcast conditions
  • Replaceable, rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack
  • Up to 7000 square foot coverage
  • Environmentally friendly and safe
  • No operating costs

Mole chasers are normally battery operated, so as the battery runs down you’re never quite sure if they are working! This one is solar powered (the ultimate environmentally friendly power source. No more batteries!), so now you can have a Solar Moler working away day after day, without having the worry or expense of changing batteries. Powered by a small solar panel, it emits a discreet noise underground that the mole can hear. Being inquisitive, the mole is initially attracted to the noise, but after a few days it will become increasingly irritated and move away. It simply pushes into the ground and can be easily moved around the garden, driving the moles away. One Solar Moler treats over 600sqm/750sqyds.

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