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Solar Lite

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A flashlight is one of those items you probably keep around the house just in case you might need it for camping, if the power goes out or perhaps for digging around under the bed or other dark places in the house. If you’re looking for a new flashlight – or considering recycling all the cheap ones you have and investing in a quality one – check out the Solar Lite from Hybrid Light. If you don’t already have this flashlight, you’re going to want it.

The Solar Lite charges from both natural and artificial light, and it will hold a charge for up to three years. Once the flashlight is fully charged – and by the way, it comes fully charged – you can throw it in your glove box or under the sink without having to worry about whether it will work when you need it. It also has a hybrid system. The first click turns on the solar power, and the second click turns on the backup battery power, which is good for seven years. With the hybrid system, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your flashlight will work when you need it.

As if the thought of never having to buy batteries again isn’t good enough, the Solar Lite has many other benefits. It only weighs four ounces, but it’s very durable – the body is shatterproof, waterproof and it floats. Hybrid Light claims you can even use the Solar Lite up to depths of 80 feet. At 40 lumens, the Solar Light’s 1 Watt LED bulb shines brighter than traditional flashlights. It comes with a lifetime guarantee as well.

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