Skeleton Mantle Clock

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Skeleton Mantle Clock

$ 94.95

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The Skeleton Mantle Clock – A Wonderful mid-size classic clock that happily displays its inner splendor. Your Mantle Timepiece will sit beautifully in almost any location. This wonderful piece displays a clean, classic and sophisticated look. The Skeleton Mantle Clock has a gorgeous cherry finish and dial ring with Roman numerals. Supplies are limited! Buy a skeleton mantle timepiece today!
For centuries, mechanical clocks were the most accurate measuring instruments. They were so important in science and industry that some of the greatest physicists of all time like Galileo, Hooke, and Huyghens were involved in their development. For the consumer, the style and form of their clock was a display of personal financial success.

The art of mechanical clock making reached its peak in the late 18th and early 19th centuries with the “skeleton clock,” a mechanized timepiece where superfluous material is cut away, allowing a clear view of the mechanism. Published designs and photographs of rare prototypes were used to create this classic skeleton clock. It’s an intricately constructed mantle timepiece crafted in dark red wood. This elegant mantle clock is a joy to behold. Its mechanics are visible inside its crystal case… its clockwork heart ticking away happily as it takes the pulse of the day. Its size makes it perfect to help you keep time on any desk, table or mantel. Weighs 3lbs. Measures 8 1/4″L x 4 1/4″W x 9 1/2 “H.

• Intricate Construction
• Mechanical Interior is Clearly Visible
• Beautiful Addition to Any Home or Office
• Classic Style

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