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Side Sleeper L Shaped Pillow With Case

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Product Description

Preferred by side sleepers!

So, if you like to sleep on your side at night, physical therapists have determined why you may not be getting the comfort and sleep that you need. Side sleepers toss and turn and as a result don’t have the proper frontal support. Your arms hang in front of them and create stress on your rotator cuff, causing you to lose a precious night of sleep. Alleviate this discomfort with the Side Sleeper L Shaped Pillow, designed specifically to provide the support and comfort that side sleepers need!

If you are more comfortable sleeping on your side, but still wake up with discomfort, it could be because you aren’t getting the proper support from your pillow. Side sleepers require more support than a traditional pillow can provide. This Side Sleeper L Shaped Pillow allows the sleeper to keep their shoulder firmly planted on the mattress top while their head is placed in perfect alignment with the spine.

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