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Open-Top Bluebird House

$ 38.00

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Product Description

Similar to our standard bluebird house, this model has a circular opening in the top. Naturally, bluebirds will nest in rotten fence posts and stumps, so sun and rain do not deter them. On the other hand, sparrows are not as tolerant. A durable, plastic-coated wire barrier prevents predators from entering through the roof. A plastic cover is included to seal the opening after a nest has been established and double as a meal worm dish. As with all our nest boxes, the design includes appropriate ventilation, drainage and opens for easy clean-out.

Sustainably grown 1″ thick Eastern White Pine provides superior insulation.

Hand crafted with pride in Maine.  (12-1/2″h x 6-1/4″w x 8-1/2″d)

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Weight 6 lbs