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Dominoes are thought to have been invented in China, the exact date unknown. They were brought to Europe in the fourteenth century. Popular in Italy in the 18th century, dominoes and the many versions of domino play soon spread all over the world and this game continues to be popular today. Double 12 Dominoes comes in a collector’s tin, ideal for game storage. It includes 91 shiny jumbo colour dot dominoes, four domino trains for the Mexican Train Game and instructions for 16 different game versions.

Mexican Train is a modern version of Dominoes, played with 91 double-twelve dominoes. Up to eight players may participate. A unique feature of Mexican Train is the little “trains“ used for game markers. The object of the game is to discard all your dominoes. You discard onto your own train, onto the Mexican train, onto other trains at the station, or onto other player’s trains. Mexican Train is a fun variation of dominoes, and a great party game.

Game Box Contents:
– 91 jumbo colour dot dominoes
– 4 trains
– Base for Mexican Train game
– Instructions for 16 domino games

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