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SHOULDER HEAT: The one-size-fits-all, custom-designed heating device fits snugly on either the left or right shoulder. Moreover, the uniform distribution of the heating elements throughout the entire unit assures you of steady, even heat to your entire shoulder.


ELBOW HEAT: You can throw away the old flat heating pad that you had to tape around your sore elbow that forced you to hold your arm in an unnatural position. The 45-degree
curve of your new heating device will hug the contour of your elbow as it is held in place by the wide, soft cloth strap.


KNEE HEAT: Grab a book or turn on the TV, while you relax in your favorite easy chair and wrap the only custom-tailored electric heating device in the world around either knee   and secure it with the soft, adjustable cloth strap. The curved, natural shape is a perfect fit while in the sitting position.


ANKLE HEAT: No longer do you have to mess with heating up a large pan of hot water to soak your ankle. Just place your heel in the crook of the unit, wrap it snugly around
the entire joint and secure it with the web strap.


HIP HEAT: The one-size-fits-all, patented, custom-designed heating device fits snugly on either the left or the right hip. The uniform distribution of the heating elements assure      you a steady, even heat to the ENTIRE hip, not just part of it.


HAND/WRIST HEAT: No longer is there a need to soak your hands and wrists in those large pans of water. Just wrap them in the electric heating pouch. The pouch    design seals the ends, which retains most all of the heat.

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