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Incredible Water

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Relaxation Sensation Series

Turn your TV or Computer into Natural Splendor.

Drift off with spectacular water scenes from all over the world. Dozens of fantastic waterfalls, bubbling brooks, awesome waves, pools, and rivers will take your breath away. Immerse yourself in the blend of your choice of 8 original one hour soundtracks with the calming effects of water. You can also turn off the sound and customize your journey with your own favorite tunes.

So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy… Incredible Water.


• Endless loop Water Scenes
• Incredible Motion Menu-A joy to watch itself!
• Producers Tips: “Create Instant Atmosphere!”
• Previews of the Relaxation Sensation Series and Pet Sitter Series
• On/Off option for 3 different sets of over 100 affirmations and famous positive and enlightening quotes
• Select from 8 original one hour award winning music tracks:

Tropical Nights – Bach Piano – Ocean Dreams
Healing – Dinner by Pianolight
Sax on Ivory – Gentle Dreams
Self Esteem by Dr. Harry Henshaw


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