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Incredible Landscapes

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Relaxation Sensation Series

Enjoy these exotic and breathtaking landscapes. Just click on your remote.

Venture into The Grand Canyon, glorious Mountain Scapes, Fabulous Fall with leaves at full color, and more. Get out the hiking boots, but forget the bug spray as you enjoy the great outdoors and all its splendor. Take a vacation in your own home and leave the bags behind. Enjoy the sights to your choice of 8 original one hour soundtracks. You can also turn off the sound and personalize your trip with your own favorite tunes.

So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy… The Incredible Landscapes.


• Endless loop Landscape scenes
• Incredible Motion Menu–A joy to watch itself!
• Producer’s Tips: “Create Instant Atmosphere!”
• Previews of the Relaxation Sensation Series and Pet Sitter Series
• On/Off option for 3 different sets of over 100 affirmations and famous positive and enlightening quotes
• Select from 8 original one-hour award winning music tracks:

Tranquility – Blue Skies
Meditation – Zen Meditate – Piano Romance
Healing – Prescription for Stress

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