Incredible Fireplace

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Incredible Fireplace

$ 9.95

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Relaxation Sensation Series

No wood to gather — just light this magnificent fireplace with your remote.

Perfect for a romantic evening, a party background, or to just curl up with a good book and relax with. The Incredible Fireplace comes complete with choices, from a roaring fire to glowing embers, and is the perfect addition to your décor. Choose from 8 one-hour soundtracks or turn off the sound and personalize your Incredible Fireplace with your own tunes. The Incredible Fireplace can also be used as an entertaining light source.

So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy… The Incredible Fireplace.

• Endless loop Fireplace
• Bonus endless loop Bonfire on a beach at sunset
• Incredible Motion Menu–A joy to watch itself!
• Producer’s Tips: “Create Instant Atmosphere!”
• Previews of the Relaxation Sensation Series and Pet Sitter Series
• On/Off option for 3 different sets of over 100 affirmations and famous positive and enlightening quotes
• Select from 8 original one-hour award winning music tracks, including Christmas music or natural crackling fire sounds any time when viewing:

Crackling Fire Sounds – Latin Romance
Sax on Ivory – Classical 1 – Six String Holiday
Sax Christmas – Gentle Dreams
Self Esteem by Dr. Harry Henshaw

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