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Fresh-N-Cold Food Preserver

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Product Description

Fresh ‘n Cold Food Preserver Pack – Extend the life of your food while increasing the efficiency of your refrigerator and freezer with this remarkable Fresh ‘n Cold Food Preserver Pack. These amazing panels mount easily in your refrigerator and freezer and absorb odors and humidity in order to prolong the life of your food and prevent crossover flavors from affecting its true flavor.

By reducing humidity, your Fresh ‘n Cold panels increase the efficiency of your cold box, creating a colder storage environment while preserving energy. By safely and naturally absorbing ethylene gases, which are released when fruits and vegetables are harvested and which accelerate their aging process, the panels also extend the life of your foods. With this reduction of humidity, ethylene gases and ice box temperatures, your favorite foods can last as much as 50% longer than they would without Fresh ‘n Cold panels!

Best of all, your panels last for up to 1 full year when you simply shake them up and recharge the Miraclite minerals in the sunlight for a few hours a month. Other details of your refrigerator and freezer panels from Fresh ‘n Cold include:

1 freezer panel
1 refrigerator panel
2 suction cup hanging hooks
1 magnetic reminder calendar

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