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Drug free pain management system.

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Product Description

Dr. Pulse Complete Package – The Dr. Pulse Pain Relief system is an FDA registered device to help relieve everyday stress, aches and pains. The Dr. Pulse drug free pain management system is a soothing combination of low frequency stimulation and natural herbal patches which help reduce swelling and inflammation. The result is powerful pain relief especially for sufferers of acute or chronic pain. Use the Dr. Pulse pain management system between visits to your doctor or physical therapist. The portable, wireless unit helps to discreetly control pain at your own convenience.

Are you ready to experience the amazing effect?

Main Functions Functions :

Alleviates muscle & nerve pain
Relieve acute & chronic pain symptoms
Soothes body fatigue
Improves blood circulation


Drug free, non-invasive
Safe and easy to use
Adjustable intensity levels
Portable, wireless, discreet
Use at your own convenience
Handy travel case

Dr.Pulse Complete Package includes:

2 Low Frequency Stimulator
2 Reusable Dr.Pulse Gel Pad
1 Portable Case
1 Pouch of Hot Herbal Patches (3 patches)
1 Pouch of Cool Herbal Patches (3 patches) 2 Lithium Battery (CR2025)


Writer: Lisa Anddison – “I am a 47 year old female that has had active rheumatoid arthritis for 16 years. I’ve had 13 joint surgeries and 18 joint injections. I’ve tried many different things to try and alleviate the every day pain of painful and swollen joints that just have not worked. Needless to say, I have become very skeptical when something new is introduced to me. My husband brought Dr. Pulse home from the PGA Show – AND This is truly amazing!!! I’ve already tried it on several joint areas and can hardly describe the joy of pain relief! It’s like a mini massage on whatever area you put it on!!! Thank You – I love this!”

Writer: Eli Miranda – “Going through the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world can cause a lot of stress on the body. I have found great stress relief by using Dr. Pulse with the natural herbal patches at the end of my busy day. Now I can tackle my daily tasks, with no problem, knowing that I have instant stress relief. Thanks Dr. Pulse!”

Writer: Rick Gaylord – “I’ve had a problem with lower back spasms for quite some time. Occasional use of the Dr.Pulse has greatly reduced the frequency and severity of them, way better than using a heating pad. Thanks for the pain relief!”

Writer: David M. – “I’ve tried other more expensive stimulation units in the past.The results I have with Dr. Pulse are much better and its easier to use.Thanks to my friend telling me about Dr. Pulse.”

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