Curated Romance Kit

Curated Romance Kit

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Product Description

Hope you know someone who loves surprises. Because this package is conveniently full of them.

You (or they) are getting:

  • A smooth slab of Himalayan salt from Black Tai Salt Co. Every good date starts with dinner. Now you can make yours on an 8-by-4-by 2-inch block of Himalayan salt. Use it for sautéing, grilling or baking and it will infuse your food with complex flavors and minerals. Important.
  • A Himalayan salt candleholder. Varying shapes of superb craftsmanship create the centerpiece for the table.

Also, consider a theme is forming…

  • Three different spice rubs:
    • Lebanese mint blend. Made with Himalayan salt and mint. Lightly sprinkle this on a salad. Add a little olive oil. Appetizer’s done.
    • Garlic and chili blend. Made with Himalayan salt, garlic, paprika and chili powder. Mix it up with some mashed sweet potatoes. Side dish is done.
    • Mediterranean blend. Made with Himalayan salt, thyme, sesame and sumac. Rub it on your steak or tofu. Entrée’s done.
  • You’ll get a mud mask. It’s a mix of mud from the Jordanian Dead Sea and Manuka Honey from New Zealand. To be clear, this is not for dinner. It’s for after. Rub it all over
  • You also get anti-wrinkle serum made with Manuka honey. This stuff is notorious for its rejuvenating effects. Seems like a thing worth having on hand.
  • Finish it all off with Himalayan bath salts.

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